Flavorful Coffee Is an Art

After searching to find our favorite pecan roast coffee in stock or driving 90 miles to buy it, we decided it was time to roast our own.  We don't grow our own coffee beans, but we do grow our own pecans.   We searched for the best beans and roasted lots of batches until we reached a blend that is perfection.  Our coffee is dark and rich with chocolate undertones.  And of course, the best pecans in Texas!

Our online shopping page is live!  Call, send us an email,  or use our online store, and we will fulfill your order immediately along with some free samples and expedited shipping.    We are always taking orders and are ready to ship.  

Thank you,
Yellow Bike Team

The best butter, cheddar, and our own pecans will have you coming back for more.

The flavors and the subtle differences that come out of our kitchen will truly make you a regular Yellow Biker. We invite you to try one of our signature products.   We know you will absolutely love every last crumb.